Kamifubuki (confetti) PNB 01

Sequins (kamifubuki) is a mysterious word passed from mouth to mouth by modern fashionistas. Few people know that kamifubuki (confetti) in translation from Japanese means “Paper Storm”. When you want to immerse yourself in the world of festivities and spin in a whirlwind of flickers and colors, our magic circles – kamifubuki – will be your indispensable companions. This is a real extravaganza on your nails!

Weight: 1 g

Application of Kamifubuki (confetti) PNB for nail design

  1. Prepare the nail plate for application of UV/LED gel polish PNB, degrease the nail plate with Nail Dehydrator PNB, apply Bond Control PNB. When using Base Deluxe PNB base coating – Bond Control PNB is not applied.
  2. Apply one of the base PNB coverings: UV/LED Base Coat/ UV/LED Base DeLuxe/ UV/LED Bio Base/ UV/LED Titanium Base/Top Coat 2 in 1. Polymerize in UV lamp for 2 minutes, in the LED lamp for 60 seconds.
  3. Apply colored UV/LED PNB gel polish in two thin layers, polymerizing each in a UV/LED lamp.
  4. Apply kamifubuki on a sticky layer of colored gel polish or base coating, pressing them with a dry brush. Along the perimeter of the nails leave a 2-3 mm margin. Place in a UV/LED lamp.
  5. Cover the design with a base coating for UV/LED gel polishes PNB in 1-2 layers, polymerizing each.
  6. If the design elements are not evenly laid, remove the sticky layer with Gel Cleanser PNB, polish with buffer.
  7. Apply top for gel polishes UV/LED Top Coat/ UV/LED Titanium Base/Top Coat 2 in 1/ UV/LED Protect Top, polymerize in UV/LED lamp. Remove the residual stickiness of lint-free sponge soaked in the liquid Gel Cleanser PNB.

Manufacturer: Professional Nail Boutique (PNB), USA

Category: materials for design