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Professional Nail Boutique produces high-quality premium products that combine the latest developments and the best innovative technologies in the nail beauty industry

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Improve the global nail market by providing a safe, hypoallergenic premium product available to every nail service technician

We make the world brighter

We make the world brighter


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We share professional technological know-how and experience of our specialists to improve the quality of services provided in the market and improve the qualifications of masters


We take by the hand and lead through the jungle of options, providing only the most effective and safe means.
This is our magic – to make the complex simple and the functional beautiful

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We create a solid foundation for beginners and give impetus for the development of business and the skills of advanced masters

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Brand history

The PNB company is a Ukrainian brand of high-quality premium products. Production of PNB products is located in Ukraine using high-quality raw materials from the USA. The company started its journey in 2013 with seven employees and an assortment of 30 gel polishes, but quickly achieved success and opened representative offices in Ukraine.

New opportunities

PNB company began its journey in 2013 with seven employees in the state, launching production in the USA, opening representative offices in Ukraine, an assortment of 30 gel polishes.

Our brand is our pride

Brand history

In 2017, an online store was launched in Ukraine.

Brand history

In 2018, PNB’s products entered
in the TOP-5 rating of the best gel polishes

Brand history

In 2021, the national record of Ukraine “The longest nails on the hand” was set. Record work was performed with PNB materials, the total length of all nail extensions was 995 centimeters.