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Fiber UV/LED Base Milk Pink

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Fiber UV/LED Base Milk Pink

Fiber UV /LED base with nylon fibers, milky pink.

Reinforcing base coating with unique properties.

Camouflaging, milky pink shade.

It contains visible nylon fibers, creating a powerful protective frame on the surface of the nail, simultaneously very hard and flexible.

When applied Fiber Base PNB, the base fibers serve as a reinforcing element.  They protect the nail plate from brittleness and delamination.

Vitamin E and calcium (Ca), which are part of Fiber Base PNB, have a strengthening effect, restores the natural growth of healthy nails.

Fiber Base PNB is thick, medium viscosity.

It self-aligns on the surface of the nail, filling the irregularities.

Ideal for strengthening, repairing, reconstructing nails, modeling the shape and extension of a small free edge.

Ideal base coating for weak, brittle, and thin nails.

The optimal choice for French manicure without additional color coating.

No less than 21 days wearability of the coating.

Has a dispersion (sticky) layer, excellent adhesive properties.

It is polymerized in UV/LED lamp 48 Watt – 60 sec.

It is used as an independent gel polish coating and as a base under colored gel polish.

Recommendations for application: 

Perform standard mechanical preparation of the nail plate.

Treat nails with Nail Dehydrator degreaser.

Apply an acid-free primer Bond Control, dry in the air for 30 seconds.

The first layer of the base is applied in a thin layer, in rubbing movements. Dry it out.

Afterward, apply 1 more thin layer of base, not reaching the cuticle 0.5 mm. Put a small drop of Fiber Base PNB on the brush and distribute it evenly over the non-dried layer, modeling nail shape. Polymerize in UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds.

Apply colored gel polish in 1-2 coats, drying each. Cover with a top.


After applying a layer of the base it is necessary to wait a few seconds until the fibers of the Fiber Base “sink”. After that dry in the lamp.

When applying the second modeling base layer, we recommend using a thin brush10 D PNB.

If you experience discomfort when polymerizing the base on a very thin, sensitive nail plate, switch on the less intense polymerization mode in the lamp.

 8 ml, 17 ml, 30 ml

Manufacturer: Professional Nail Boutique (PNB), USA

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