Oval mattе tips PNB, 50 pcs

Oval mattе tips PNB, 50 pcs

Oval training tips on a ring, milk, 50 pcs.

Used for making nail art samples, creating examples of patterns on nails, decorating the nail

Ideal for showing the color of gel polish coatings. Transparency allows you to see as accurately
as possible how the gel polish will look on your nails. It's no secret that depending on skin color,
the same gel polish color can look different. Having applied tips with PNB colored gel polish to a
natural nail, the master and the client will be able to see the result and choose the desired color
of the gel polish.

Made of rubbery plastic.

Flexible, plastic, lightweight, wear-resistant training tips from PNB are a convenient tool for the
work of a manicure and pedicure master and as a training tool for novice specialists in nail