PNB is participating in the large-scale beauty exhibition Beauty Vision Look, which will take place on the 7-8 of May in Poznan, Poland.

We are so excited to be able to communicate with #pnblovers again and introduce even more people to unique products. Visit our stand № 61!

This is a great opportunity to discuss options for cooperation, new creative collaborations and logistics. In addition to professional advice, many useful activities await you:

  • Starter Kit Basic PNB draw among those who will leave contacts on the stand
  • promo code for a 15% discount to order in the online store
  • get a gel polish / base / top to choose from for Instagram story with a photo on our stand and marking @pnb_cosmetics

The PNB team guarantees a cool atmosphere and a lot of fun. Expect a lot of smiles and hugs from us personally.

P.S .: There will be no sales on the stand.


street Glogowska 14

60-748 Poznań

Before meeting!

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